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Hi We are the sleep experts

Working 12 hour shifts to becoming an entreprenuer is no easy task. You can lose sleep over it. So we decided to learn how sleep effects us all. How we sleep, what we eat, what triggers sleepless nights, snoring, and etc. We are self educated, learning for our own, but help spreading the word of sleep.
We call ourselves the sleep experts, simply because we are here to learn about sleep. We don't hold degress about the human body, but it's something really important to us. So, we want to be experts of our own sleep and help you along the way!
Our story & mission


Our story

Role of Sleep

Sleep is the most important thing every human needs. It defines how you start your day, work, your life. We want to spread the importance of sleep and how to sleep better so you can live the life you deserve. Sleep shouldn’t hinder you but help you.


to make people healthier

Learning how to sleep can benefit your life, but also your health. Sleep does more than give you a good nights rest, but help support you emotionally, mentally and physically. Treat your sleep like you would treat you body, the best way possible